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High School


Subject: Biology

Audience: Middle School, High School

Lesson has students relate real-world applications to mathematical concepts by monitoring bacterial growth over one week

Scanning Probe Microscopy: "feeling" what you can't see at the nanometer scale

Subject: Biology, General Science, Tools and Technology

Audience: Middle School, High School

Lesson has students experience how a scanned probe can create an image of an object

How Catalysts Work

Subject: Chemistry, Physical science

Audience: High School

A lesson that explores how catalysts work. This lesson is generally used in conjuction witht the Surface-area-to Volume lesson.

Exploring the Properties of Magic Sand

Subject: Biology, Chemistry

Audience: High School

Lesson that demonstrates the properties of hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials

Using Media to Explore Social and Ethical Issues in Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies

Subject: General Science, Science and Society

Audience: High School

This lesson introduces students to social and ethical issues related to nanotechnology

Paper Diagnostics

Subject: Biology, General Science, Science and Society, Tools and Technology

Audience: Middle School, High School

This lesson examines a new inexpensive diagnostic technology and the societal impact it might have.

SI System and Nanoscale Science

Subject: General Science, Physical science

Audience: Middle School, High School

Provides opportunity for students to develop a working knowledge of the SI system of measurement as well as learn about the nanoscale and nanotechnology.

CDs and DVDs as Diffraction Gratings

Subject: Physical science, Physics

Audience: High School

Students will observe the diffraction behavior of light waves from a CD and DVD and examine AFM images of the two disks


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