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Past REU Participant Check In

Dear Past NNIN/NNUN REU participants:

The NNIN/NNUN REU program has been runnng for 19 years and has over 1200 alumni. By now, most of you are well into your careers. We hope that the NNIN/NNUN REU experience was a valuable part of your education.

To all of you, we really want to know what and how you are doing. PLEASE drop us an email, to Dr. Rathbun [email] and Ms. Mallison [email], and let us know what is happening... graduate school, job, etc.

More formally, however, we have been engaged in a long term longitudinal tracking process to find participants in the REU program prior to 2010. Since we are one of the largest and longest running REU programs in the country, we have a unique opportunity to gather statistically significant data on career outcomes for REU students. So far we have found about 2/3 of those early participants.

If you were an NNIN/NNUN REU participant in 2010 or Prior, please complete the following BRIEF survey. Please DO NOT complete this if you were an REU student after 2010, or if you were never an NNIN REU student.  (if you were an NNIN REU student in the last 4 years, just email us, we would love to hear from you informally).

NNIN Pre-2010 REU Participant Survey

Thank you for your help.